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WaterDrops: The Future of Claimable Airdrops, Powered by Superfluid
Yes, that's right. You may be eligible for free tokens! Learn more about our active Waterdrops below. Check out the Ricochet Exchange Claim page. Check it out now >>


WaterDrops are a way to distribute tokens to recipients in a more efficient and cost-effective manner than traditional airdrops. In contrast to airdrops, which require recipients to make multiple claims in order to receive their tokens, WaterDrops allow recipients to claim once and then receive their tokens automatically and continuously over time. This process is made possible through the use of various technologies, such as Hardhat, Superfluid, Gelato, and Polygon.

Active Claimable WaterDrops

Find out if you are eligible for a claimable airdrop by visiting the gifts page in the app
Ricochet regularly WaterDrops RIC, rexSHIRT, and rexHAT tokens to our community. Learn more about rexSHIRT and rexHAT tokens on the - REX Merch page.
Alluo Finance
Deposit 100 USDC/DAI/USDT into Alluo Finance on Polygon
REX Shirt 2023
Stream 100 USDC or more over 30 days or more to ETH using the USDC<>ETH REX Market