Transaction issues?

Having trouble upgrading/starting a stream/downgrading on the Ricochet app? Use the Superfluid Dashboard!

Go to the Superfluid Dashboard at

Note that if you're having trouble logging into Superfluid page, try setting up the Superfluid config specified on "Network Config" in Network Directory.

Issue#1: You're struggling to upgrade/downgrade your tokens

Hit the "Currencies" tab on the left indicated by the coin icon (see below)
Go to the token you want to upgrade/downgrade and hit the green "+" if you want to upgrade or the red "-" if you want to downgrade.
Then put in the quantity you desire and submit the transaction.
Issue #2: You're struggling to start/modify a stream
Go to Network Directory and select the market you want to stream in. Hit the send button on the main Dashboard board page and you'll see the below.
Paste that address in the first field. Select your monthly stream rate. Select the input token for the Stream Exchange Market. Then hit "Start Streaming". This bypasses the front end.
Note: starting/modifying a stream is the same process. When modifying, you're just "starting" a stream to the same address, just at the new rate you want

Issue #3: You're having trouble cancelling a DCA stream

Hit the "Transactions" tab on the left indicated by the double-arrows icon (see below)
On the table, click on the stream to the Stream Exchange Market you want to cancel. If you've got multiple streams, identify the right address using the Network Directory.
Hit "Cancel stream" and confirm the transaction.