Ricochet Launchpad

Fair auctions that eliminate front running onchain
RIC, rexSHIRT, rexHAT tokens are currently being sold on the Ricochet Launchpad
The Launchpad intends on creating a launchpad contract for projects to use to do fair ICOs. This launchpad does away with front-running by offering tokens at a fixed distribution rate. Streamers can compete to earn a portion of the distributions. See an example below where the price discovery would put $RIC's price at 0.50 USDC. Try it out now >>
Dynamic pricing of the $RIC token via REX Launchpad

Launchpad Performance

Ricochet has experimented with launchpads for several tokens and there is always a discount or premium on the price of tokens on the Launchpad vs. the secondary market. You can see this discount and premium in these charts which show the launchpad price vs. Coingecko/Uniswap prices for tokens: RIC, rexHAT, rexSHIRT.
Launchpad sells tokens at a premium when the when blue line is above the orange Line (like in RIC); sells tokens at a discount when the blue line is below the orange line