REX LP Tokens

Auto-claiming tokens from staked liquidity pool positions
REX Tokens are used on the Ricochet Exchange to provide real-time yield to streamers. These yield-bearing tokens represent a claim on ERC20 tokens that are staked in reward systems, such as SushiSwap Farms. Streamers can earn REX Tokens by streaming USDC into the exchange. The exchange will then take the underlying tokens and stake them in a reward system, allowing streamers to receive their rewards directly to their wallet in real-time.
rexLP is a method of dollar-cost averaging into staked LP tokens, for example above USDC is streamed into ETH-USDC LP tokens and those tokens are staked in Sushi Farms for MATIC and SUSHI rewards, while streaming to Ricochet, users receive back SLP, MATIC, and SUSHI tokens in real-time, image was created by Superfluid.finance