Would you like to rep your favorite DCA DEX?
Ricochet Exchange Merch is offered on the Ricochet Launchpad, use your RIC to DCA into rexSHIRT and rexHAT


Got RIC? You can now DCA into rexSHIRT and rexHAT tokens using the REX Launchpads. These Ricochet Exchange Merch tokens have a total supply of 52 and can be redeemed for a real T-shirt or hat. The tokens are emitted at a rate of 1/week. There are also a few rexSHIRT and rexHAT tokens available on Uniswap.

REX Merch Tokens

This table contains information about each of the REX Merch token
REX Merch Token
Total Supply
Contract Address
REX Shirt 2023 (rexSHIRT)
REX Hat 2023 (rexHAT)

REX Merch Launchpads

Emission Rate
Contract Address
Liquidity Pool

How to get REX Merch

You can only get rexSHIRT/HAT on the Ricochet Launchpad. 1 of each token is emitted per week follow these instructions to get your portion of that emission now.
Expand this row to get the input rate field
  • Enter the amount of RIC per month you want to convert into rexSHIRT and click Start/Edit
Enter any rate, be sure you do use a rate so fast you'll run out of RIC
  • Confirm the transaction on using the wallet you are connected with (e.g. Metamask)

How is the rexSHIRT/HAT prices calculated?

REX Shirt and Hat are offered using the Ricochet Launchpad contract. There is a fixed emission rate of ~1/week. The tokens each have 52 total supplies since these are limited edition Ricochet Exchange merchandise.
Here is an example for how the Ricochet launchpad discovers the price based on all the accounts that are willing to DCA into these tokens. This example is with people using USDC to get RIC tokens, so you'll need to imagine how this works when the input token is RIC and the output token is rexSHIRT.