REX Protocol

We're much more that your favorite DEX for DCA
Ricochet Exchange is dedicated to creating pioneering tools that allow individuals to make real-time investments with their crypto assets using Superfluid. Streaming operations are designed to be easily visualized and followed in real-time. Learn more about our projects below.
Streams UI in the Ricochet Exchange Application; Swapping RIC to USDC to ibAlluoUSD to ibAlluoETH and ibAlluoBTC

REX Market - LIVE

This project revolves around building and maintaining a decentralized exchange that enables automatic real-time investing on Polygon. Ricochet Exchange contracts leverage Superfluid for streaming tokens and Tellor Oracle for price data, as well as SushiSwap/QuickSwap for liquidity. Both individuals and organizations can use the exchange to easily invest their capital and income streams into and out of ETH, WBTC, and other cryptocurrencies in real-time. Learn more about our project to discover the full range of benefits and features it offers.
Investing in Ethereum with DAI in real-time through Ricochet Exchange

Interactive Stream Manager

Construct a DCA flow using the REX Market Interactive Stream Manager interface.
Convert RIC governance tokens to USDC and then convert USDC to ETH and WBTC
Close up of the DCA Flow

REX Launchpad - LIVE

RIC, rexSHIRT, rexHAT tokens are currently being sold on the Ricochet Launchpad
The Launchpad intends on creating a launchpad contract for projects to use to do fair ICOs. This launchpad does away with front-running by offering tokens at a fixed distribution rate. Streamers can compete to earn a portion of the distributions. See an example below where the price discovery would put $RIC's price at 0.50 USDC. Try it out now >>
Dynamic pricing of the $RIC token via REX Launchpad

REX WaterDrops - LIVE

Introducing REX WaterDrops - the revolutionary new way to distribute tokens to recipients! WaterDrops solves the problem of traditional airdrops, where recipients immediately sell their tokens, by streaming the tokens to recipients over a specified period of time. This encourages recipients to hold onto their tokens and support the project, rather than dumping them on the market. And with WaterDrops, recipients only need to claim their tokens once - they will continue to receive them as if they were vesting. Give WaterDrops a try and see the benefits for yourself!
Check out the latest WaterDrops here:
Here's is the ETH Online 2022 Submission from Michael Ghen, the creator and maintainer of WaterDrops contracts

Experimental Products

Currently, these projects are not active due to a lack of demand. However, we are always looking for ways to bring these products back to mainnet if we can find the volume to justify the startup and overhead expenses. In the meantime, we are focusing on our active projects and working to provide the best possible experience for our customers. Thank you for your understanding.

REX Tokens and REX LP streaming

REX Tokens are used on the Ricochet Exchange to provide real-time yield to streamers. These yield-bearing tokens represent a claim on ERC20 tokens that are staked in reward systems, such as SushiSwap Farms. Streamers can earn REX Tokens by streaming USDC into the exchange. The exchange will then take the underlying tokens and stake them in a reward system, allowing streamers to receive their rewards directly to their wallet in real-time.
rexLP is a method of dollar-cost averaging into staked LP tokens, for example above USDC is streamed into ETH-USDC LP tokens and those tokens are staked in Sushi Farms for MATIC and SUSHI rewards, while streaming to Ricochet, users receive back SLP, MATIC, and SUSHI tokens in real-time, image was created by
Ricochet Exchange is a management application for decentralized finance protocols that run on Polygon, including but not limited to Superfluid, SushiSwap, and QuickSwap. Ricochet Exchange is not affiliated with companies or teams behind these protocols and we can make no guarantees regarding their stability or security.
Additionally, there are no guarantees regarding the safety of funds that have been in any way used within Ricochet Exchange contracts. We cannot compensate users for funds that have been lost during use within Ricochet Exchange or that have at any point in time been used within Ricochet Exchange. By using Ricochet Exchange you agree to these terms and acknowledge that you are aware of the existing risk and knowingly accept it.