This explains protocol fees on the platform in a clear way

Protocol Fees Table

Protocol Fee
Other Protocol
2% of the output distributed
0.3% fee from Sushiswap/Quickswap
ibAlluoUSD<>ibAlluoETH ibAlluoUSD<>ibAlluoBTC
0.5% of the output distributed
0.3% fee from Sushiswap/Quickswap
Ricochet Exchange is a management application for decentralized finance protocols that run on Polygon, including but not limited to Superfluid, SushiSwap, and Quickswap. Ricochet Exchange is not affiliated with companies or teams behind these protocols and we can make no guarantees regarding their stability or security.
Additionally, there are no guarantees regarding the safety of funds that have been in any way used within Ricochet Exchange contracts. We cannot compensate users for funds that have been lost during use within Ricochet Exchange or that have at any point in time been used within Ricochet Exchange. By using Ricochet Exchange you agree to these terms and acknowledge that you are aware of the existing risk and knowingly accept it.

Referral Program Fees

The Ricochet Exchange protocol has a built in Referral System (REX Referral contract). Accounts can register as an affiliate through this contract. As an affiliate they can refer accounts using a link to the frontend application. Fees are then split 50/50 with the affiliate.
The protocol takes no more and no less fees on accounts referred by the affiliate. All accounts interacting with Ricochet get the same fee, set at the smart contract level.
Protocol Fee distribution for referrals
Fee Share
REX Registered Affiliate Account
Protocol Fee Collector Account