- Get Listed
How does a token get listed on Ricochet Exchange?
This listing proposal process takes 7 days to complete.

1. Introduce Initiative (3 days)

In the #πŸ’‘-proposals channel, express the new asset you'd like to list and why you'd like to see it listed. Some topics you should mention/discuss:
  • Demand for token: does this asset have enough of an audience that people would be interested in stream investing in/out of it?
  • Reputation of token's project: it is best to list legit projects that have delivered clear value to the crypto ecosystem. Elaborate on the fundamentals behind in the asset and why it's something worth investing in.
  • Connection with team: if you are connected with the team behind the asset, provide details such that the potential listing can be marketed.
  • rexMarket pairings: if the asset is to be listed, exactly what stream markets should be made. For example, if listing $CRV is the subject, should both stablecoin bases $USDC↔$CRV and $DAI↔$CRV be listed? Just $USDC? Make sure this is clear.
Allow 3 days of discussion.

2. Heat Check Vote (1 day)

After the 3 days are up, draft your listing proposal and post it in in #πŸ’‘-proposals. Ask for the community's opinion with emoji reactions (πŸ‘ or πŸ‘Ž) like done HERE.
The listing proposal should contain:
  1. 1.
    Name and ticker of token to be listed
  2. 2.
    Stream Markets to be created
  3. 3.
    A brief bullet point enumeration of reasons for and against listing the token from the initiative introduction
See how sentiment is over the day. If you receive a majority of thumb downs, it may not be worth moving forward with the listing proposal.

3. Snapshot Proposal (3 days)

You need 10,000 $RIC to make a proposal on the Ricochet Snapshot. If you do not possess this amount, you can find another DAO member who will be willing to put up your proposal.
The proposal should be open for 3 days and the voting options should be yes/no.
Finally, inform the community with a message in #πŸ’‘-proposals that the vote has gone up so a Core Team member can make an announcement.

4. Listing

If the listing passes, the Core Team will create the rexMarket and list the token at the earliest convenience.