Ricochet Exchange
Real-time investing with streaming payments, powered by Superfluid and Tellor
Important Disclosures
  • All smart contracts are unaudited
  • Ricochet Exchange charges a 2% fee
  • You will lose tokens if your balance runs out while streaming


Ricochet Exchange is focused on producing novel tools that allow people to invest their crypto assets in real-time using Superfluid's finance framework. Learn more about each of our projects below.

REX Market - LIVE​

This project involves creating and maintaining a decentralized exchange that supports automatic real-time investing on Polygon. Ricochet Exchange contracts use Superfluid for streaming tokens and Tellor Oracle for getting prices, and SushiSwap/QuickSwap for liquidity. Individuals and organizations use the exchange to invest their capital and inbound income streams into and out of ETH, WBTC, and others in real-time. Learn More​
Investing in Ethereum with Dai in real-time with Ricochet Exchange

Interactive Stream Manager

Construct a DCA flows using the REX Market Interactive Stream Manager interface.
Convert RIC governacne tokens to USDC and then convert USDC to ETH and WBTC
Close up of the DCA Flow

REX Launchpad - LIVE​

The Launchpad intends on creating a launchpad contract for projects to use to do fair ICOs. This launchpad does away with front-running by offering tokens at a fixed distribution rate. Streamers can compete to earn a portion of the distributions. See an example below where the price discovery would put RIC's price at 0.50 USDC. Learn More​
Dynamic pricing of the $RIC token via REX Launchpad
REX Launchpad can be used for streaming ICOs; Ricochet Launchpads provide a easy way to do a "fair launch"

Experimental Products

REX Tokens and REX LP streaming

REX Tokens are yield-bearing tokens used in Ricochet Exchange to deliver real-time yield to streamers. REX Tokens represent a claim on yield-bearing ERC20 tokens staked in reward systems (e.g. SushiSwap Farms). Streamers stream USDC into an exchange to receive REX Tokens. Tokens are denoted with a β€œrex” prefix on the underlying token (e.g. rexSLP). The exchange takes the underlying tokens and stakes them in a reward system. Streamers then receive the rewards produced in real-time directly to their wallet. Learn More​
rexLP is a method of dollar-cost averaging into staked LP tokens, for example above USDC is streamed into ETH-USDC LP tokens and those tokens are staked in Sushi Farms for MATIC and SUSHI rewards, while streaming to Ricochet, users receive back SLP, MATIC, and SUSHI tokens in real-time
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