Ricochet Exchange
Real-time investing with streaming payments, powered by Superfluid and Tellor
Important Disclosures
  • All smart contracts are unaudited
  • Ricochet Exchange charges a 2% fee
  • You will lose tokens if your balance runs out while streaming


Ricochet Exchange is focused on producing novel tools that allow people to invest their crypto assets in real-time using Superfluid's finance framework. Learn more about each of our projects below.

rexMarket - LIVE​

This project involves creating and maintaining a decentralized exchange that supports automatic real-time investing on Polygon. Ricochet Exchange contracts use Superfluid for streaming tokens and Tellor Oracle for getting prices, and SushiSwap/QuickSwap for liquidity. Individuals and organizations use the exchange to invest their capital and inbound income streams into and out of ETH, WBTC, and others in real-time. Learn More​
Investing in Ethereum with Dai in real-time with Ricochet Exchange
Ricochet Exchange is LIVE on the Polygon network; Use it today to earn Ricochet Tokens (RIC)!

rexLaunchpad - LIVE​

The Launchpad intends on creating a launchpad contract for projects to use to do fair ICOs. This launchpad does away with front-running by offering tokens at a fixed distribution rate. Streamers can compete to earn a portion of the distributions. See an example below where the price discovery would put $RIC's price at 0.50 USDC. Learn More​
Dynamic pricing of the $RIC token via REX Launchpad
REX Launchpad can be used for streaming ICOs; Ricochet Launchpads provide a easy way to do a "fair launch"

rexLP - LIVE​

REX Tokens are yield-bearing tokens used in Ricochet Exchange to deliver real-time yield to streamers. REX Tokens represent a claim on yield-bearing ERC20 tokens staked in reward systems (e.g. SushiSwap Farms). Streamers stream USDC into an exchange to receive REX Tokens. Tokens are denoted with a β€œrex” prefix on the underlying token (e.g. rexSLP). The exchange takes the underlying tokens and stakes them in a reward system. Streamers then receive the rewards produced in real-time directly to their wallet. Learn More​
rexLP is a method of dollar-cost averaging into staked LP tokens, for example above USDC is streamed into ETH-USDC LP tokens and those tokens are staked in Sushi Farms for MATIC and SUSHI rewards, while streaming to Ricochet, users receive back SLP, MATIC, and SUSHI tokens in real-time